LEGAL: Contracts (service, purchase, lease, subordination, employment), Articles of Association, textbook extracts on German legislation, notarised documents, patents, translations of legal gazette entries, police reports, police interviews

GEOGRAPHY: Introduction to book about Papua New Guinea, nature documentary commentary

AUTOMOTIVE: Software testing reports, discussions, meeting minutes, software manuals, feature books, driverless car convention newsletters,
CONSTRUCTION: Construction plan for co-generation power plant
FINANCIAL: Audit reports, financial statements, trade fair reports, investment prospectus, property valuation reports, bank statements

TECHNOLOGY: Instruction manuals for range of appliances, wind turbine gearbox installation manual, railway technology, part lists, conveyors, lifting units, spraying machines, railway signalling system manuals, injection moulding, engineering company profiles, meeting minutes on production progress

MEDICAL: Medical reports, clinical trial documents, supplement advertisements, product labelling, operation reports, medical device analyses, book on health supplements

SCIENCE: Pesticide reports, device reports, chemical manufacture method instructions

TRAVEL: Hotel visitor reports, travel guides, Bauhaus 100 guide, resort website content, letters of complaint, brochures for hotels and resorts

MARKETING: Press releases, advertisements, infomercials, PR articles, purchase catalogues

HUMAN RESOURCES: Cleaning rota and guidance, Health and Safety presentations, recruitment materials and training manuals

IT: Software manual, website content instructions, IT company profiles, promotional material, computer game instructions, vertical management system tenders, app reviews, software guides

EDUCATION: Technical college prospectuses, educational charity statutes, reports on school trips

RETAIL: Various retail catalogues for office equipment and furniture, bathroom equipment and fittings, LARP equipment

NGO’S: Reports on work of NGO’s in German speaking countries, press releases

“The Handmade Carpet: A Comprehensive Guide to Contemporary Rugs”
“Codex Humanus”